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The Other Guys Vs. The Mountain View Way

MV Way
1) Engineered Ridge Cap white or option of a premium sun tuff clear ridge to allow green energy lighting
2) Premium grade closures installed under the ridge cap to prevent the climates from entering into your Domain
OG Way
1) Bent trim to serve as a cap
2) Minimal low grade coating at most
MV Way
1) Doubled corner studs to provide extra support
2) Top tier coatings for all wall sheathings.
3) Premium grade lumber for maximum rigidity and a fresh look. –––––––––––––––––
OG Way
1) Single corner studs.
2) Less than average coatings with minimum coverage
3) #2 or worse materials
At Mountain View we care about your wants and needs. What will you be using your building for? With our knowledgable staff and outstanding customer service we will be sure to get you in a building that is right for you.
MV Way
1) 2x6 floor joist for extra support and stability
2) Fully treated flooring to provide a barrier between you and the elements
3) Notched and treated skids to provide extra rigidity to the floor system.
4) Ring Shank nails
OG Way
1) 2x4 floor joists.
2) Untreated laminated flooring
3) Un-notched skids.
4) Smooth Nails
MV Way
1) 2x6 engineered Trusses guaranteed to with stand all of mother nature's evil tricks.
2) 29g, roofing metals coated guaranteed by Sherwin Williams to last 40 years.
3) Premium underlayment that provides an integrated condensation along with a insulation R-Value to provide a comfortable element
OG Way
1) 2x4 low grade lumber used as Rafters.
2) 10yr. guaranteed roofing materials.
3) No underlayment.

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